Icon "Untitled", 2009, Archival dye transfer, 20 x 30 inches $1650
Brantley Gutierrez grew up  Washington DC  for the most part.
After high school he began studying photography.
For the better part of a decade, Brantley Gutierrez's
photographs have captured the musicians that define this
generation in their most dynamic, fearless and honest
A photographer and director, Brantley has recently
worked with Arcade Fire, Incubus, Bjork, Band of Horses, Paul
McCartney, Foo Fighters  & RadioHead to name a few.

Brantley is energized by the intensity of the music, artists &
audience. He credits a lot of his success to knowledge
gained from friend & mentor Danny Clinch. 
To this day Brantley only shoots on film & does his own printing.