Victorian Flowers
Icon "Victorian Flowers", 2006, Oil on mounted linen, 8 Sold
Leticia Ortega, born in Mexico, lives and works in New York City.   She holds a certificate from Parsons School of Design in NYC.  Art studies from the Santa Anita Cultural Center in Mexico. A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Coahuila State University in Mexico.

Ms. Ortega has held numerous exhibitions in the United Sates, Mexico and Italy. She held her first solo show in1994 at Tribeca 148 Gallery in New York City. Her paintings have been shown at different venues including Monterrey, Saltillo, Zacatecas, and Guanajuato in Mexico. Ms. Ortega’s work was selected to represent Coahuila in the I Biennial Olga Costa. She is recipient of numerous prestigious awards including Vitro Art Center in Monterrey. In 1996, Ms. Ortega was awarded the Coahuila State Grant.

Her work forms part of public and private collections. She has taught at several institutions including the American School and El Nix in Mexico, and Wet Paint! Art Studio in NYC.


Reference elements are inspired by my fascination with nature, flora in particular. I extend my interest to an exploration of patterns, symmetry, and layering. I develop my images both free and painterly, but also controlled with fine detailing. I obsessively work and rework areas to build atmospheric backgrounds.

Surfaces are developed by carefully accumulating tens of layers. Substrates are coated with dry gesso, which yields a smooth, luminous surface. Veils of paint are multilayered interweaving materials and methods to allow translucency. The results suggest rich damasks and tapestries with intricate and modulated relationships of positive and negative space. She obsessively builds an all-over carpet of emotional texture.