Icon "Iraq", 2008, Hand cut from Brass/copper plated in 24ct Gold or Silver, 13 x 8.5 inches; 9 x 6.5 inches NFS
Super Fertile is a London based artistic jewelry design house that highlights world issues through highly original pieces that push the traditional boundaries of form, design and reason.

After graduating from Central Saint Martin's college, Super Fertile founder and creative director, Kali Arulpragasam brought a new dimension to jewellery design, combining her creative advertising skills with her passion for global politics. The result is a unique range of stunning pieces that adorn the wearer with the traditional elegance of elaborate jewelry while rendering them an intriguing billboard that highlights a global issue.

The Super Fertile philosophy has rapidly achieved international critical acclaim. Arulpragasam explains the label's dramatic rise as being down to the ability of the designs to demand attention at many levels, as an artistic sculpture, as a unique fashion-forward wearable item and as a way of putting pertinent issues back into debate among all who come into contact with the pieces. In addition to the style and fashion media, publications as diverse as the New York Times and Time magazine have covered the work of Super Fertile.
All Super Fertile pieces start as a message. This message then dictates the whole process from design to final piece production which are all individually hand crafted from precious and semi-precious materials using traditional
The Tourism collection sets out to overturn media representations
of the war torn areas of the world by presenting bold silver and gold postcard montage necklaces of the great cultural aspects of these nations. As with all Super Fertile work the message is pertinent and somewhat ironic.