Icon "Tipex", 2006, Gloss housepaint on treat aluminum, 24 x 18 inches NFS - Available to download in .MAX, .3DS & .JPG file format.
Stephen Walker was born in Surrey, England, and studied art for the better part of his childhood. As a teen, he was accepted as an Art Scholar at Charterhouse School, and went on to study at Goldsmiths College, University of London. It was at Goldsmiths that he studied painting under such influential artists as Michael Craig-Martin, Basil Beattie and Avis Newman, as well as critical art theory with respected scholar Christine Wertheim. He graduated from Goldsmiths in 1997 with a BFA and moved to New York City to further immerse himself in the art world.

Stephen's time as studio manager for the influential underground art gallery Alleged Galleries in Manhattan's Meat Packing district allowed him first hand experience working with some of the worlds most recognized contemporary artists in the world including Mark Gonzales and Terry Richardson. But his successive transition to cutting-edge fashion magazine Visionaire was his introduction to the concept that the fashion world is deeply entwined with the art world. It was this union that has opened the door to high profile art collectors such as Karl Lagerfeld.

Stephen's most recent works explore the infusion of an emotional quality into a conceptual starting point, using both representational and abstract elements. His pieces demonstrate an architectural appreciation of materials, blended with an expressive immediacy and looseness of gesture. Gary Hume's work served as early inspiration to Walker, but he found he wanted to add more character and move emphasis away from purely the surface. He achieves this by cultivating the imperfections—small drips and splashes, ideas that don't translate as expected, sketches, notes, and experiments that go into the creation of a work—which all become an integral part of the finished painting itself; paintings that Lloyd Taggart describes as "truly prized gems of abstract art."