Black, Grey, White
Icon "Black, Grey, White", 2006, Gloss housepaint on aluminum, 36 x 36 inches
nextspaceGallery is an online gallery which shows the work of established and emerging contemporary artists in a beautifully rendered virtual exhibition space. Solo, group and guest curated shows are presented in an easy to navigate 3d environment.

nextspaceGallery offers a forum for artists to show their work without typical spacial or temporal restrictions and can be easily customized for each exhibition. As well, the virtual gallery makes art exhibitions accessible to a wider viewer base allowing anyone with access to the internet to have a gallery experience.

Founded in 2007 by Stephen Walker (an artist and fan of 3d video games) nextspaceGallery's mission is to facilitate the connection between artists and buyers. Integral to achieving its mission nextspaceGallery offers "digital consignment" of artworks, a service aimed at architects and interior design professionals for use in their own 3d rendering proposals to their clients.