Icon  2007, Gallery view: Zero Gravity / Heavy Weather,
Curator: Suzanne Kammin Baron

Zero Gravity/Heavy Weather: Weight and Weightlessness in Contemporary Painting addresses the idea of how conceptual content of a work of art reflects its material qualities.  The question of how to integrate the almost limitless plastic qualities of paint – from its extreme substantial to ethereal possibilities – with a meaning that is congruent with a work’s inherent material traits is explored in this exhibition.  Zero Gravity/Heavy Weather presents six New York City painters who explore contrasting, internally consistent material and thematic approaches to physical and conceptual weight in painting.

In conjunction with the exhibition, there will be a two-part workshop given by the participating artists and in association with The Creative Center: Arts in Healthcare.  On April 7, artists participating in Zero Gravity/Heavy Weather will speak about their work at The Painting Center; the second part will take place on April 14 and will be a hands-on workshop given at The Creative Center’s Chelsea studio. Please visit www.thecreativecenter.org or call 646-336-7612 for details.

In addition, concurrent with The Painting Center exhibition, nextspaceGallery is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting the work of artists in Zero Gravity/Heavy Weather in its beautifully rendered virtual exhibition space. Founded in 2007 by Stephen Walker, nextspaceGallery offers a forum for artists to show their work without typical spatial or temporal restrictions thereby making art exhibitions accessible to a wider viewer base and allowing anyone with access to the internet to have a gallery experience.  Please visit: www.nextspacegallery.com.