Icon  2009,
Curator: Alexandra Gershman

You Can't Come In is a group show whose precepts play with conventional conceptions of gallery space. Through works–also viewable virtually at www.nextspacegallery.com–by eight artists of various nationalities, the exhibit explores the physical limitations of a virtual gallery, addressing how the Internet alters the functional relationship between viewers and art, and aims to both speak to and encourage the voyeurism inherent in being able to visit the show anonymously. Each artist has contributed a piece that captures a deeply personal agenda, allowing viewers access to otherwise private moments of grief, humor, sexuality, politics, and isolation; by viewing You Can't Come In solitarily at their computers, viewers contribute to the show's dialectic by raising intriguing questions about art as a mode of communication.

Kindly sponsored by:
Viewimaging, Marani Vodka, and Pochron Studios