Icon  2009, "You Can't Come In" (Gallery view).
You Can't Come In
Curator: Alexandra Gershman You Can't Come In is a group show whose precepts play with conventional co ...click for more
Tom Bell - Sculptures
Nextspace Gallery is pleased to announce a new solo show of works by sculptor Tom Bell. For more on Tom Bel ...click for more
Zero Gravity / Heavy Weather
Curator: Suzanne Kammin Baron Zero Gravity/Heavy Weather: Weight and Weightlessness in Contemporary Paintin ...click for more
Three Painters
The "Three Painters" virtual show at nextspaceGallery. ...click for more
Featured Artist | Keith Mayerson
Keith Mayerson's paintings embrace a modernist sensibility of projecting subjectivity and emotion onto subject...
Featured Artist | Jesper Damsgaard Lund
Jesper Damsgaard Lund (b.1976) is a danish born art director and photographer. After studies in Copenhagen and...
Featured Artist | Brantley Gutierrez
Brantley Gutierrez grew up  Washington DC  for the most part.
After high school he began stu...


"You Can't Come In" show announced
A new group show entitled "You Can't Come In" curated by Alexandra Gershman (www.alexandragershman.com) will be on show at Nextspace Gallery from Thursday 5th March 2009.


Tom Bell show announced
Nextspace Gallery is pleased to announce a new solo show of sculpture by artist Tom Bell, opening 5/8/08. His work can currently be seen at www.tombellsculpture.com
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